AUT airdrop update

Dear friends,

[Read the original post: Announcing the AUT token]

So far, there have been 39 valid registrations for the airdrop representing 490 clicks on past newsletters (reminder: people registering who have never clicked are counted as having clicked once).

At the launch value of 1 AUT = $1, simply registering (or one past click) is worth $10.20. On average, an airdrop participant is currently set to receive $122 worth of AUT, with the person that has clicked most due to receive $795 worth of AUT.

I’ve had a few questions from people keen to participate who currently don’t have an Ethereum/xDai wallet. The recommended solution is to install Metamask on desktop. Once you’ve installed it/set it up, you can click the area highlighted in red to copy your wallet address (which will start 0x).

Please note that since the airdrop will happen on the xDai network, using an Ethereum deposit address on a service like Coinbase or Binance is not recommended. If in doubt, install Metamask and reregister.

Register for the airdrop