In Correspondence #7

Extinction Rebellion, ISTA & Emerge

What I’ve been up to

My plans

New content-focused homepage

In previous newsletters I’ve included a list of links to content that I’ve been reading, watching & listening to. This carefully curated content is now available on my new homepage (complete with images and summaries), my new Facebook page, my Twitter feed or via RSS.

(‘What magic is this?’, I hear you ask! The answer: Feedly & Pocket & Integromat & Airtable & Airrecord 🤓)

Quality content curation takes time. Inspired by Charles Eisenstein, I offer this work as a gift. If you appreciate my efforts, please consider making a donation via crypto, Paypal or my new Patreon page. You could also take a look at my recommended products page (I receive a small commission for most products featured there).

Until next time, with love,

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