Announcing the AUT token

I am reviving the Autopia name/brand for a cryptoeconomic experiment in community and co-creation.

10,000 AUT (Autopia Tokens) will be minted as an ERC-20 on the Ethereum mainnet. These tokens will then be transferred to the xDai chain (where transactions cost just cents rather than dollars) using the xDai OmniBridge.

51% of the tokens will be airdropped to subscribers of this newsletter who register via this form, in proportion to the number of links clicked in my past newsletters (people registering who have never clicked a link will be included as if they had clicked one link). I will hold the other 49%, and place half of this amount (so ~25% of the total supply) into a liquidity pool on Honeyswap at an initial ratio of 1 AUT : 1 xDAI (i.e. initially, 1 AUT will be worth $1 – this involves me putting $2500 of my own money at risk).

(Edit: If it seems demand for AUT is likely to be high, I may release the 25% reserved for liquidity provision over time rather than making it available in one go. Either way the initial ratio will be 1 AUT : 1 xDAI.)

The top 150 AUT holders will be invited to a new, private Autopia Slack. Each new moon, anyone who has become a top 150 AUT holder will be invited to the Slack, and anyone who is no longer a top 150 AUT holder will be removed. On the Autopia Slack, discussions will begin around a real-life co-created gathering in Summer 2021. It will also become the main place I share timely and important news and tips from the crypto world and beyond.

So, after the airdrop:

  • If you are a top 150 AUT holder, expect an invite to the Slack.

  • If you aren't a top 150 AUT holder, but would like to join the Slack, you can buy more AUT on Honeyswap (edit: or ask someone to gift some to you).

  • If you're not interested in being part of the Autopia community, you are welcome to sell your AUT on Honeyswap and make a few DAI.

(If all this means nothing to you, you might want to join my next Introduction to Crypto & DeFi course in January 👩‍💻)

Register for the airdrop

Let’s see what happens!