Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance #2

Second round of the course now open for applications

I am delighted to say a second round of the Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance course will take place from Wed 12th May – Wed 23rd Jun.

Designed by Phoebe Tickell and me with support from Rieki Cordon (Ecosystem Facilitator at Hypha, the organisation leading the development of SEEDS), Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance is a seven-week, better-than-free course focused on tools and techniques that can be used and enjoyed right now for healthier, happier lives, thriving local economies, a fairer distribution of power and resources, and the healing of the planet.

Guest experts in the first course included:

  • Charles Eisenstein (watch back the livestream of the session here)

  • Rieki Cordon & Cece Heart (SEEDS)

  • Daniel Wahl & Precious Phiri

  • Sep Kamvar (Celo) & Sarah Friend (Circles)

  • Samantha Slade (Going Horizontal)

  • Trebor Scholz (Platform Co-ops Now!) & Derek Razo (Purpose)

The course will take place on consecutive Wednesdays 4pm–6pm UK time from 12th May – 23rd Jun, with a reading week in the middle:

  • Session 1, 12th May: Regenerative Agriculture & Thriving Local Economies

  • Session 2, 19th May: Digital Tools for Collective Intelligence

  • Session 3, 26th May: Decentralised Organising & Horizontal Leadership

  • Reading week (no session on 2nd Jun)

  • Session 4, 9th Jun : Co-operative Ownership

  • Session 5, 16th Jun: Regenerative Money

  • Session 6, 23th Jun: Wrap up

Applications are now open. Successful applicants pay a registration fee in Seeds (S400/1200/2400 low income/standard/abundant, approx $20/60/120). A number of zero fee scholarship places are also available on request.

Participants completing all assignments receive 4800 Seeds (approx $240, ~$40/session) at the end of the course. In the abundant spirit of the Regenerative Renaissance, we want to pay you for educating yourself and activating your community.

Feedback from the first course:

“I can't think of any kind of feedback other that WOW, what an amazing journey! I recommend this to anyone seeking tools to co-create societal and planetary thriving.”

“I really enjoyed this course and it will stay with me for a long time for sure. The wealth of resources shared is mind-blowing and I felt very privileged to hear from experts from such incredible projects. But most importantly, this course gave me a sense of hope, a grounded hope, that the new society is here already, that is bigger than what I thought, getting bigger every day, and this is a gift.”

“I am incredibly grateful for this course, the way it has been curated and facilitated, the amount of content to immerse myself in and the amazing community it has connected me to. As someone who is working on and in leadership of implementing a large scale vision working towards regenerative futures, much of this has been invaluable.”

Read more and apply


New course: The Promise of Decentralisation

DePsy, DeFi, DAOs and Dandelion

Hi friends,

I’ve just launched a new course: The Promise of Decentralisation: DePsy, DeFi, DAOs and Dandelion, limited to 30 places.

It’s a four-week deep dive into decentralised systems, with a particular focus on decentralised finance (DeFi), decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and decentralised psychedelia (DePsy).

The course is filled with practical exercises to help embed the ideas. It will take place 5pm-7pm UK time via Zoom on:

  • Thursday 6th May 2021

  • Thursday 13th May 2021

  • Tuesday 18th May 2021 (note: Tuesday not Thursday this week)

  • Thursday 27th May 2021

Sessions will be recorded and shared (so you can catch up if you're late/miss one).

Course schedule

Session 1: Introduction to Decentralisation

  • What is decentralisation?

  • Decentralised v distributed systems

  • Why decentralise?

  • History of decentralisation

  • Decentralisation in nature

  • Decentralised food, energy and connectivity

Session 2: DeFi

  • What is money?

  • What is cryptocurrency?

  • What is DeFi (decentralised finance)?

  • Key projects

    • Automated Market Makers: Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, THORChain & Curve

    • Oracles: Chainlink, UMA, Band Protocol and API3

    • TeFi and synthetics: Terra, Mirror, Anchor and Synthetix

    • Money markets: Maker, Aave and Compound

  • Parallels to platform co-operativism

  • Beyond DeFi: ReFi (regenerative finance)?

Session 3: DAOs

  • DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations)

  • DISCOs (distributed co-operative organisations)

  • Parallels with steward ownership

  • Relationship to Teal, holocracy and sociocracy

  • BBLLCs (blockchain-based limited liability companies)

Session 4: DePsy & Dandelion Gatherings

  • 'DePsy': Decentralised Psychedelia

    • An antidote to psychedelic capitalism?

  • Dark Net marketplaces

  • Mushroom growing

  • Nowhere and the Borderland: European Burner Culture

  • Dandelion gatherings

Read more and book your place


In Correspondence #17

Charles Eisenstein livestream, Tao Te Ching NFTs and Autopia

Dear friends,

It’s been three months since the last In Correspondence. Much of my time has been taken up with preparing for and teaching the Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance course. The first run of the course finishes next week and I am delighted to say we will be open-sourcing the extensive course notes; watch this space!

Charles Eisenstein on the Regenerative Renaissance

At 5pm UK time on Saturday 13th March, Charles Eisenstein will be speaking to the current cohort of the Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance course, and you’re invited to tune in live. You will be able to ask and upvote questions alongside the course participants.

YouTube link · Facebook event

I am pleased to say we have received funding from SEEDS to run the Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance course a second time. Sign up here to hear when applications re-open.

Tao Te Ching

I finished meditating on and finding images for all 81 chapters of the Tao Te Ching, and made my first foray into the crypto art world by creating NFTs for each chapter.

The NFTs are available on Rarible for 1 ETH each. 51% of the first sale price of each NFT will be donated to GiveWell's Maximum Impact Fund. (The first chapter has already sold, and I’m keeping the last one for myself.)

(The final?) Introduction to Crypto & DeFi course

I’m running the Introduction to Crypto & DeFi course (4.8/5 from 29 ratings) again in April for the fifth and possibly final time.

Autopia blooming

The launch of Autopia has meant I’ve been sharing more there and have felt less need to write here. There are now 182 holders of the AUT token, 117 members of the (very active) Slack group, and 16 members of the Autopia DAOHaus DAO. The token has increased in price by 625% since the launch 2 months ago (from $1 to $7.25).

Each full moon, anyone who has become a top 150 AUT holder will be added to the Slack, and anyone who is no longer a top 150 AUT holder will be removed. Read more in the Codex

Studio Wolf

My partner Hana Wolf has relaunched Studio Wolf, her branding, photography & web design studio, and is now taking bookings for the coming months.


I finished Scatterlings and Treading Lightly and am now reading The Journey of Soul Initiation: A Field Guide for Visionaries, Evolutionaries, and Revolutionaries by Bill Plotkin.


Since last time, I’ve shared 65 articles to my knowledgegraph. Some highlights:

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