New offerings

Technology & co-operative business coaching, consulting, coding & facilitation

Dear friends,

I am pleased to say that I am now offering technology & co-operative business coaching, consulting, coding & facilitation.


For both individuals and organisations:

  • Become much more efficient with your screen time

  • Get answers on any aspect of running a modern co-operative business

  • Learn how to use any of the tools and platforms on my software page or Don't Go Back To Normal, and how they fit together


I optimise and automate organisational processes and workflow, saving you time and money and allowing you to focus on what you enjoy.

  • Automate common tasks

  • Link your different platforms and stop manually copying/editing data

  • Wherever possible, I use no-code solutions that you can easily modify


For more complex projects, you can hire me to write code, benefitting from my 15 years experience in software development.

  • Super efficient: Clients are frequently astounded how much I can accomplish in just a few days work

  • Highly data-literate: Take advantage of my Masters' degrees in physics and complexity science

  • Skilled communicator: I'm an expert in translating complicated technical concepts


Great facilitators have excellent technical knowledge, fine-tuned intuition and wide life experience.

  • I facilitate team processes in visioning, conflict resolution, change management and more

  • I have uniquely wide training across the fields of physics, complexity science, software development, meditation, psychotherapy, plant medicine, sacred sexuality and political activism

  • I'm constantly learning myself, as a co-owner at not-for-profit worker co-operative Dandelion Collective and a contributor to Enspiral

Investment: Coaching from £100/hour, consulting, coding and facilitation from £500/day, with discounts for co-ops and non-profits.

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You will find the most up-to-date details of my offerings on my new homepage at

With best wishes,