In Correspondence #5

Borderland, New Moon Gathering & ICONOMI

Stephen Reid

Welcome to the fifth instalment of In Correspondence!

What I’ve been up to

The Borderland

  • I moved into my new apartment in Totnes. It was totally unfurnished, so I’m in the process of kitting it out.

  • I put myself forward to South Devon Green Party as a potential candidate for the Totnes parliamentary constituency

  • I had a great time at Noisily Festival, Stir to Action (which enabled me to explore Frome for the first time) and especially the Borderland

  • I released a new podcast with Alnoor Ladha on Mystical Anarchism

  • I made a whole load of updates to Autopia– it now includes Habits, Places, Rooms, Dating and Groups. I’m rather proud of it, please do check it out! (Most of it is pretty straightforward but it’s a priority of mine to make some tutorial videos for the less obvious features, particularly the Groups feature which is geared towards real-life co-created gatherings.)

  • I started a crypto fund on ICONOMI (a platform for investing in managed crypto funds) called the Decentralised Cooperation Fund. Right now it’s invitation-only: let me know if you want one.

  • I released a new t-shirt design: TRY LSD

My plans

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