In Correspondence #10

Coronavirus Sensemaking

Stephen Reid
shallow focus photo of Gautama Buddha figurine

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We need to be aware of the suffering, but retain our clarity, calmness, and strength so we can help transform the situation. The ocean of tears cannot drown us if karuna [compassion] is there.

The Four Qualities of Love, Thich Nhat Hanh

People I recommend you pay attention to at the moment

How I recommend you pay attention to them

Feedly, using FetchRSS to turn Facebook pages/Twitter feeds into RSS, and Facebook’s Get Notifications feature for Facebook profiles:

Staying focused

I've found that accessing my Facebook newsfeed on mobile is sufficient, and that I don't also need it on desktop. The best solution I've found:

Your Facebook homepage on desktop will then look like this:

Consider also downgrading your phone (or at least having a dumbphone as an option when you leave your home)

Remote income

Matched betting is a clever (mathematically risk-free) way of turning the free promotional bets offered by betting companies into real cash. On average people make around £15/hour for 12 months. (At some point the betting companies realise what you're up to and 'gub' you – stop offering you free bets – but most people get at least 6 months out of it.) Read more

Ditch the old financial system

Let’s take this opportunity to move beyond our unfair, unsustainable, centralised financial system. Make the switch to crypto: I recommend Wirex for day-to-day spending and ICONOMI for savings/investments.

In other news

Panoramic view of Ayrmer Cove, near Ringmore, the South Hams, Devon

Ayrmer Cove

Hire me

The coronavirus has freed up 2-3 days per week of my time, and I'm currently open to offers of paid work. Check out my bio/training and get in touch if you think I can help you/your organisation.

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